All our products Service & Maintenance

E. Meurs B.V. can service and do maintenance for the following subjects and/or components:

                                     LPG dispensers

                                     CNG dispensers

                                     Petrol dispensers

                                     LPG installations 6 monthly checks according to PGS16

                                     CNG installation checks according to PGS25 

                                     Calibration of LPG/petrol/diesel dispensers

                                     Service of electrical equipment at petrol stations

E. Meurs B.V. supplies the service for the LPG dispensers and LPG installations 24/7 for the following partners, currently with a total of more than 250 hoses.



             division from Benegas B.V.


E. Meurs B.V. supplies the service for the CNG dispensers and the CNG installations 24/7 in Apeldoorn and Ede with a total of 6 CNG compressors.


Bus filling plant in Apeldoorn for Syntus, in total 3 CNG compressors with capacity of 450Nm3/Hour and storrage 5000 liter water content.

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